Welcome to Kitchen 101

Welcome to Kitchen 101. In the next few BLOGS I will be teaching you the basics of remodeling, or building “The Kitchen of Your dreams”. It all starts with a “PLAN”, without a plan you are setting yourself up for disaster. Because making the decision to remodel or build your new kitchen can be a difficult decision.  There are many factors to consider such as the budget, knowing what to expect, and the general disruption of your daily life.  However, the results are worth it.  So in the coming BLOGS we’ll be discussing all these things.  But first we need to know what we want, so let’s get started.

First make a list of your” Needs, and Desires and Got to Haves”. And then yours “Wants”, and would like to “Haves”. This list should include appliances, storage options, prepping needs, and the look you  want to achieve.  Do you want tile or granite?; a contemporary or traditional feel?  Do you want to have an eating area, prep area, double cooking areas?  Do you want your kitchen as a gathering place or leave me alone while I cook area?

After making your lists, start thinking about how you use your current kitchen, and what is missing and what you need to make your kitchen experiences better.  Make a list of what is lacking in your kitchen, and a list of all the things you use on a daily basis. After compiling all your lists start comparing them and see how they compare, and then start to priority your lists.

Now that we have our list of needs and desires by priority, we are almost ready to start planning the kitchen of your dreams. But this is the end of our first lesson; your homework for this BLOG is to do a little spring house cleaning. We need to really see exactly what’s in our kitchen.  So let’s open up all our cabinet doors and see what we have.  Let’s make three piles from each cabinet, the” Keep”, “Toss” and “Donate” piles.

Now pack up all the “donate” items and take them to your favorite charity, toss away all the old stuff that you don’t use, or outdated and “Toss” stuff. Then let start organizing all the “Keep” items, as we start putting away our “Keep ”items back into the your cabinets, but let’s keep similar items together, for example: all your dishes, and your food items, small appliances etc. Now you will have a nice head start on your remodeling project, and can just pack up each cabinet for storage during your remodeling project.

Even if you don’t have a remolding project ahead of you, knowing that your cabinets are cleaned and organized, will make your kitchen experience greatly improved.  And maybe that all you needed to correct some of the issues you were having in your kitchen.

Next BLOG lesson with be on the work triangle and starting to layout your dream kitchen.

Ann Worden

Manger/Designer at Gateway Kitchen n Bath in Union Grove

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